More Success at Oulton Park

So on to Oulton Park for the second leg of my build up to Valencia, and this time it was 2 guest races in the BMW Kumo Cup. 20 minutes of qualifying then 2, 20 minute races in the same BMW as last week, so I was really looking forward to getting stuck in.

The track at Oulton Park is much more technically demanding than the Silverstone National Circuit but I quickly got to grips with it and was soon well on the pace. This was a much bigger field than last week as it was the first round in the Kumo Cup and the cars were divided into different classes according to their power and weight. As a class B runner I had to look on in awe at the speed of some of the class A cars, but I still managed a good qualification which put me in a great place for the race.

The first race started well and just kept getting better with me comfortably in front of the rest of the class B cars so technically finishing first. As I was not in the championship I did not get officially placed, but the organisers were brilliant because I was awarded a winners wreath for my efforts. And in the second race I brought home another one, although this was even better because I managed to finish in front of one of the class A cars as well.

So, job done. 2 great races, 2 signatures for my upgrade card and, other than a bit of marshalling next week, we are now definitely off to Valencia.

Once again a massive thank you to Andy at Podium Prep for giving me an even better car this week. Some mid week adjustments really made it stick in the corners.