13th & 14th July

Race Report

Track: Raceway Venray, Venray, Netherlands

Due to the nature of the track at Venray in Holland, coupled with the limitation of race funds this year, Ben will not be racing at the Venray Oval. Sponsorship continues to be hard to find so we must make sure that the available funds are being used in the best way.

Despite his background in short ovals and a real desire to show what these cars can do in their ‘natural environments’, it was felt too risky to make the trip to Holland. An accident, and they are usually big ones on ovals, would potentially risk Ben being able to take part in Hockenheim or Zolder and it is this which ultimately forced the decision.

All is not doom and gloom however! Keep an eye on the news section of the website however, because Ben will be back in a car before the end of the summer, and it will be a good one!